A brand new, specially tailored Shepherd's Hut...


This Shepherd’s hut project has been a lovely one for the Fourpenny Workshop.

A customer in Oxford wanted to make the most of a spare corner of land by adding a hidey-hole in which to get-away-from-it all so a Fourpenny Workshop Shepherd’s hut seemed the perfect solution. One of the main requirements was that the Shepherd’s Hut had to make the most of the fabulous view (so windows were a priority) and there definitely needed to be tea-making facilities!


When we first discussed the project, the client was keen to use a vintage Shepherd’s Hut and have it restored by the Fourpenny Workshop. Unfortunately, at that particular time, we just didn’t have any rescued huts which were as large as she ideally wanted - so a full Shepherd’s Hut restoration project was off the table. The alternative however proved to be just as satisfying - a new Shepherd’s Hut, built to a classic design - using reclaimed materials and reclaimed timber. The client was also keen for us to incorporate our very own turn wheel sets, cast directly from original wheels. These splendid Shepherd’s Hut essentials quickly develop their own layer of authentic, vintage-style rust - just the look the client was after.


We started with the internal structure, using reclaimed timber and very tidy mortise and tenon joints. Fleur popped in from time to time to oversee proceedings and check we weren’t taking too many tea breaks.


To make sure the Shepherd’s Hut stays warm and cosy whatever the weather, we included a layer of eco-friendly insulation (not strictly as per Shepherd’s Huts of old but certainly very beneficial).


It’s always a proud moment when we add our very special cast wheel sets to a Shepherd’s Hut base. Essential for truly authentic Shepherd’s Hut Style - and handy if you want to move your Shepherd’s Hut to a new spot once in a while.


We made these beautiful windows so that the Shepherd’s Hut has the best view possible. They can be flung open on sunny days but are sturdy and draught proof too.


The inside of the Shepherd’s Hut is painstakingly panelled and the floor is made from stunning reclaimed floorboards.


The picture window at the back makes a lovely feature and we’ve added an authentic style bunk which can be used as a comfy sofa or bed for sleepovers.


To finish, cheery yellow corrugated iron panels, the windows (complete with chunky, weatherproof shutters) and a robust wooden door with classic hinges and a latch.

It seems that the client who is now the proud owner of this fabulous Shepherd’s Hut is more than happy with it. She’s a ceramicist, so no doubt it’s now furnished with gorgeous pottery pieces and hopefully it’s proving to be a haven for her and her family.

If a space to get away from it all, a handy extra guest bedroom or a playroom for the kids is just want you’re looking for - a Fourpenny Shepherd’s Hut could be the perfect solution. As you can see we can tailor it specially to suit you so why not give us a call on 01489 895692.