The Fourpenny workshops latest restoration complete and ready for sale!


This rare and genuine antique Shepherd's Hut was produced by Tasker & Co at Waterloo Ironworks, Nr Andover, Hampshire. We purchased it from an estate on the Wiltshire, Dorset border. At almost 170 years old it is the oldest hut that has been through our workshop to date.


Tasker was once Hampshire's most prolific hut makers, also producing steam engines and rollers. The fact that the tally on this hut says Tasker & Co indicates that it was built before the name change to Tasker & Sons in 1850. 


The intricate style of the front axil shows that the hut was once horse-drawn, now found with a draw bar fitted. Other original features include the wood burning stove and drag shoe.


(This really is as close to Thomas Hardys "far from the madding Crowd" as one could get!

It's a much earlier example of the hut featured in this advert:


We have done much to preserve these original features, at the same time doing just enough work to give this beautiful lady a new lease of life. All the wheels, metalwork and even the tin was removed and put back causing as little disruption to the original rivets and bolts as possible. The original rotten and tired chassis and axils were copied in detail and reproduced in Douglas Fir and Oak in our workshop. A new door and access steps were also crafted from reclaimed timber. We managed to save most of the internal timber apart from the ceiling where we have used reclaimed c1900 timbers as replacement.


A genuine antique and rare example of a locally made Shepherds Hut .

As per the traditional dimensions:

Internal 9'6 x 5'2

External 10'x6'

Approx 9' tall overall