about us

traditional carpentry & metalwork

We started out specialising in the restoration of Shepherd's Huts but this has led to a myriad of design-and-build projects including summer houses, timber porches, sheds, traditional fencing and bespoke furniture. We’ve also worked on shop fit-outs and have created our own line of collectable mini Shepherd’s Huts – little pieces of art in their own right.

At The Fourpenny Workshop we always begin by listening to you. We take your creative ideas, your practical demands and your whimsical fancies and convert them into detailed hand-drawn designs. Once you’re completely happy with the plan we’ve come up with, we’ll bring it to life for you using time honoured techniques, specially sourced local timber, reclaimed elements and hard graft. 

Our ethos is to embrace all things eco-friendly, choosing sustainable and recycled materials and techniques wherever we can - which means our work usually has a good dose of rustic charm. We also have a network of friends whose skills add even more character to our projects. Like our friend Eddie Butterfield who has a genuine turn-of the century steam powered saw bench, ideal for characterful cutting and a lot of fun to work on.

We're constantly on the hunt for interesting vintage pieces, reclaimed building materials and artefacts including traditional windows, wooden panels, antique doors and rustic furniture so that our projects are always finished with Fourpenny style and have plenty of interesting and eye-catching design details.

CHRIS is the wise one.

With reams of experience renovating historical buildings he's been honing his craft for decades. Chris knows everything there is to know about whittling, dovetails & looking thoughtfully into the distance.


MATT is the charming one.

He's an expert with metal, a veritable encyclopaedia of Shepherd's Huts & full of inspired ideas. He'll help you work out which design will work for you & how much it will cost. Then he'll make Chris a nice cup of coffee. 

The Fourpenny friendship was forged when Matt was busy renovating a rustic Shepherd's Hut in his garden and Chris passed by and stopped for a better look. After a long chat about wheels, wood, the beauty of rusty metal, the best work boots and the importance of a good work/life balance, the business began to bloom.

Matt has an ecclectic CV, stretching from pint-pulling to factory management but his 'Mastermind' specialist subject would be 'Shepherd's Hut history' and you can test him on that.  Chris's CV showcases his expertise in building, carpentry and historical construction techniques - and he can draw beautifully too (ask hime to show you sometime). Their combined knowledge and expertise means you can rest assured that your Fourpenny project will be in safe, highly competent and thoroughly creative hands.

We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the hut, its really amazing. We are so pleased to have them both back and even now I can’t believe that they are both fixed. Thanks for all your efforts, really appreciated.
— Hannah & Sera (Wiltshire )