Shepherds’ Huts & Living Vans- By David Morris.

This book delves into the history of the Shepherd’s hut and may surprise many readers to find that wheeled huts for shepherding duties are not an invention of the Victorian era, but appear detailed in illuminated manuscripts from as early and the 13th Century. Covering a broad span of hut history and looking in detail at the key differences between shepherds’ huts and other forms of historic workers living vans, this picture led book will hopefully provide interest and inspiration to anyone with an interest in rural history or huts in particular.

David grew up amid the farming community in the heart of the West Country. Keenly interested in wildlife, the landscape and rural history the book provided an opportunity for him to share a wealth of information that he had gathered over the years. His profession as a Museum Restoration and Conservation Engineer has informed much of the detailing and research in the book as well as his own restoration of two very original shepherd’s huts.

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The book is available from many sources, but the Author is keen to promote local independent town book sellers, so please consider purchasing it from your local book shop.